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Fire resistant sectional doors


  • tested, on both sides, in accordance with EN 1634-1 and EN 1634-3
  • classified according to EN 13501-2
  • panels classified according to EN 13501-1 on fire class B-s1, d0
  • validated cycle test in accordance with C2 (10.000 movements)
  • CE marked in accordance with EN 13241 and EN 16034


  • suitable for indoor / indoor and indoor / outdoor situations
  • applicable in protected escape routes, not as an escape route
  • suitable for frequent use
  • mounting only possible on the wall / opening
  • permitted mounting surfaces: aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, concrete, masonry, fire-resistant steel construction


  • gravity failsafe chain wheel drive 400 V incl. control box with integrated battery
  • optical / acoustic signaling
  • rail system for installation height between 1.000 mm and 1.500 mm
  • door leaf constructed from fire-resistant composite panels, thickness 42 mm, with a mixed white structure


  • application in indoor / outdoor situations up to wind class 5 (> 1.000 Pa)
  • smoke resistant according Sa and S200 (pending)
  • low rail system for installation height from 400 mm
  • high lift or vertical rail system for installation height from 1.500 mm
  • panels in RAL color of choice based on wet painting or wrap foil
  • set of light curtains
  • smoke detector for a stand-alone system
  • key switch, up-stop-down switch
  • liquid barrier with height 300 mm or 500 mm
classification fire resistance max. opening width max. opening height max. opening
EI (1) 60 minutes 5.175 mm 6.967 mm 23,5 m²
EI (2) 90 minutes 5.175 mm 6.967 mm 23,5 m²
EW 90 minutes 5.175 mm 6.967 mm 23,5 m²

Due to continuous product development, we ask you to contact us for the current dimensions. Larger dimensions on request.

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