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Fire resistant roller shutters

Fire-resistant roller shutters offer an excellent solution for fireproof closing or compartmentalizing spaces in locations such as government institutions, shopping centers and of course various industrial applications. The roller doors are suitable for daily use and thanks to the fire resistance of up to 120 minutes (in accordance with the EW criteria), based on two-sided testing in accordance with the European standard EN 1634-1. This door is extremely suitable for the most common situations of fire load. With the specially developed TWIN version, an additional performance of EW 240 minutes has been achieved!


  • tested, on both sides, in accordance with EN 1634-1
  • classified according to EN 13501-2 at EW 60, EW 90 and EW 120 minutes
  • validated cycle test in accordance with C2 (10,000 movements); C3 pending (50,000 movements)
  • CE marked in accordance with EN 13241 and additionally EN 16034


  • suitable for indoor / indoor and indoor / outdoor situations
  • suitable for frequent use
  • mounting only possible on the wall
  • permitted mounting surfaces: aerated concrete, aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, concrete, masonry, fire-resistant prepared steel construction, reinforced metal stud


  • gravity failsafe 400 V chain wheel drive incl. control box with integrated battery
    gravity failsafe tube motor 230 V incl. control box (up to ± 4 m2)
    optical / acoustic signaling


  • roller and / or motor housing, galvanized steel
  • steel galvanized parts powder coated in RAL color
  • guides, consoles, enclosures in stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316
  • set of lightcurtains
  • smoke detector for a stand-alone system
  • key switch, up-stop-down switch

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